is coming to woods hole
on September 8 at High Noon

This floating artwork will be on view on Friday September 8 at high noon in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. 

The barge will be anchored in Great Harbor and can be viewed from the shore of Woods Hole Waterfront Park at 112-138 Water Street, Woods Hole, MA.  
Viewing the artwork is free and open to the public.  

Artist Heather Theresa Clark is presenting this climate change artwork on a barge off the coast of Woods Hole, MA.  Clark has teamed up with Martha's Vineyard's award-winning dance center, The Yard, and their resident dance collective, DanceTheYard, and the musician Christen Lien, for this sea performance.  Clark is the first artist-in-residence at Woods Hole Research Center, which is ranked the world's number one climate change think tank.

Heather Theresa Clark, the first artist-in-residence at Woods Hole Research Center, developed this artwork after spending the summer of 2017 interviewing climate scientists.  

With a better understanding of the climate science, it became clear to Clark that the effects of climate change will have shocking impacts on humanity and action must be taken now.  This artwork is not intended to say we are all doomed.  Rather it signals some of the answers to climate change - physicality and the pursuit of art, science, and exploration, as well as the beauty of humanity and nature, which is clearly worth preserving.

Artist Heather Theresa Clark

Heather Theresa Clark utilizes art, architecture, and public interventions to catalyze built environments that power themselves, cleanse themselves, transform waste, provide wildlife habitat, produce food, and enhance the lives of people. Through her art, she demonstrates how present reality is not a given and can be crafted to make life more fulfilling. As founder of Biome Studio, art is her tool to shift the paradigm of everyday life.

The Yard & DanceTheYard

DanceTheYard (DTY) is Martha's Vineyard's award-winning dance center The Yard's resident dance collective. DTY is comprised of professionals living on Martha’s Vineyard and in New York City, and each member has become a part of The Yard’s greater service mission : working together to present performances for the public, participating in educational residencies and dance making programs for children and adults, along with other community based events around Martha’s Vineyard .

Musician Christen Lien

Christen Lien’s provocative compositions, hypnotic performance style, and entrepreneurial business approach all reflect her passion for challenging the status quo. Through her art she seeks to support her fans to process the complex and oftentimes dark emotions that oppress individual potential and hold back collective power.

Gretjen Helene

Gretjen Helene works as a Professional Photographer and Artist to increase awareness of important issues that face our community and humanity today. While collaborating on Artistic interactive installations that ask viewers to contemplate alternative realities she also photographs for non-profit organizations in order to generate marketing and promotional materials that will enhance the Rights, Skills and Enjoyments deserved by all, but underserved to many. 

Daniel Cojanu, UnderCurrent Productions 

UnderCurrent Productions is a Cape Cod-based creative media company serving scientific, non-profit, and editorial clients. We specialize in sub-surface storytelling: a full spectrum of media services that inspire viewers to look and listen. With decades of experience in video production, photography and journalism, we work with budgets of all sizes to amplify our clients’ message through each stage of production and distribution. 


This artwork is by artist Heather Theresa Clark with dance and choreography by The Yard and their resident dance collective, DanceTheYard.  It is supported by the generous donations of design services and safety consulting by architect Chris Warner, engineer Ben Brungraber of Fire Tower Engineered Timber, Mike Collyer of Marine Safety Consultants, Inc., and Peter Bumpus.  Chip Shultz of WS Shultz has generously donated use of his barge and Matthew Bumpus, an employee of WS Shultz, provided assistance.  South Mountain has donated stage construction and NORDIC Structures, Bensonwood, and Specialty Builders Supply has donated green materials.  The Valle Group will assist with stage deconstruction and material re-purposing.  All materials used in the construction of this project will be reused for other projects.  Gretjen Helene is lead photographer and John Schade and Sarah Butler Peck are assistant photographer.  Daniel Cojanu of UnderCurrent Productions is providing cinematography.  Avi Levy and Scott Jansson are drone operators. 


This project is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

Woods Hole & Climate Change

Woods Hole in Cape Cod, Massachusetts is an especially relevant location for climate change artwork.  The area is home to many top tier scientific institutions, each with their own focus on climate change research - Woods Hole Research Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, United States Geological Survey, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Woods Hole is also situated on the coast, and like other coastal communities, is especially susceptible to sea level rise.  Many artists call Woods Hole home.

Special thanks to Woods Hole Research Center for hosting Heather Theresa Clark's artist's residency.

Special thanks to Chip Shultz and W.S. Shultz Co. for donating use of the barge and helping us realize this project.


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